Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of frequently asked questions:

What's the purpose of FreeEject?

We created FreeEject so that we could have a simple tool that would eject removable media such as DVDs, REV and QuikStor. FreeEject is configured such that you can call it via the command line through other programs, batch or scripts and integrate the eject functionality as part of other processes.

May I use FreeEject for free, even in commercial applications?

FreeEject is free software, and you do not need to register or pay to use it. However, you can't sell FreeEject or include it in a commercial package without getting permission from us first.

How do I get support?

At this stage we cannot provide support for FreeEject. We might provide an email address for bug reporting some time in the future, but no promises.

How do I install FreeEject?

To install FreeEject, please download FreeEject Zip and extract FreeEject.exe into the directory that you want to run it from.

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